Mifare RFID Cards

RF- ID Contactless Mifare Cards
We manufacture both blank white Mifare as well pre-printed Mifare cards.

» Mifare 1 K
» Mifare 4 K
» Mifare Desfire
» Mifare Desfire EV1
» I Code SLI
» Fudan IRF 08
» TK4100

Safety & Security
Contact less smart cards have an edge over the non conventional contact & magnetic strip cards, which are subject to wear & tear and electrostatic damage. The information stored on MIFARE smart cards is highly secure.

Mifare Smart Cards
MIFARE NXP smart card is a contact less or dual interface RF card. Built on MIFARE architecture platform having ISO/IEC 1443, type A standards.

MIFARE chips are developed and manufactured by PHILIPS[nxp] Semiconductor. Smart card is applicable in all walks of life. Use of smart card makes way for a ‘Cash less Wallet’ or an ‘Electronic Purse’ as it is popularly known.

1K and 4K cards are the most popular offerings.

Compatible chips like Fudan are also offered as a reliable cost effecitve option

Mifare Card Working
MIFARE card has a microchip that has relevant information encrypted onto it. This information can be read by a Reader at a receiving system/terminal during relevant transaction, thus identifying and authorizing the respective user.