Pre-Printed Plastic Id Cards for Thermal printing

Many companies purchase desktop thermal printers to make their plastic identity cards in-house. We manufacture blank or pre-printed plastic ID cards that can be used as card stock by these companies.This enables companies to print their own membership cards, ID tags, VIP cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, phone cards and more. If you need blank plastic cards, you have found the perfect source. We produce cards for drivers’ licenses,registration cards, college IDs, custom badges, membership cards, loyalty cards and much more. We have the most innovative printing and production machinery to produce ID cards that consistently work in table top printers like Zebra, Eltron,Fargo, Cim, Datacard, Nbs, Magiccard, Evolis.

Newline also produces blank plastic cards in many colors, including gold, silver, bronze, white and black. These colors are in stock at all times.

Best results are obtained if you use pre-printed blank PVC cards. Newline offers full bleed custom printing of your designs.This means that you need to only print the variable information.

Advantages of using pre-printed blank ID cards :
» Consistent quality of all ID cards [not possible in thermal printing    of edge bleed]
» Saving of high cost consumable colour ribbons as card come    pre-printed
» No need to print backside as already pre-printed
» Longer head life and hence cost saving
» Big savings due to reduced printing wastage of full color.